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International Journal of Arts Management and Professional Studies (IJAMPS) is an academic Online Open Access Peer Reviewed International Journal domiciled with the Institute of Arts Management and Professional Studies which is approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and accredited by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) under the Federal Republic of Nigeria CAM Act No. RC1329612. 1990,The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with ISO number is NG682640, Euro-American Joint Accreditation Services (EA-JAS), World Safety Organization (WSO) with accreditation number: #024548,...

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Man And Socio-Eceonomic Development: A Syethetic Exposition
Eugene Ahaneku Department Of Research Institute Of Arts Management & Professional Studies Nigeria

Volume 1, No.10, October 2021

In trying to synthetically deal with man and socio-economic development, we deduced from all empirical datum that the terms man and development respectively has an explicative elasticity, and to deal with this topic, we employed a descriptive survey...

An Effective Shipping And Management Of The Warri Port For Exports Including Oil And Gas Products For Economic Growth In Niger Delta
Samuel Ogheneoro Emiaso, Ph.D. (IV) Department Of Shipping And Ports Management Prowess University, Delaware, USA Samguono@yahoo.com

Volume 1, No.10, October 2021

Nigeria has six major ports, of which Warri Port is well located in the Niger-Delta, home to the vast natural resource oil and gas. The production and export of this internationally demanded and viable product depend on the port services to deliver...

Counseling Psychology In Education And Entrepreneurship In Academic Achievement Of Students In Tertiary Institutions
Ogunbiyi Rebecca Adetutu Researcher, Institute Of Arts Management & Professional Studies, Lagos, Nigeria Profnwauba@legacyuniversity.edu.ng And Atapia O. Atapia Department Of Religious Education, Tennessee Christian University, Tennessee, USA Remssat@

Volume 1, No.10, October 2021

The study on counseling psychology in education and entrepreneurship aimed at evaluating the roles of counseling psychology in education and entrepreneurship, to examine whether counseling psychology is applicable to education and entrepreneurship,...

The Nigerian Constitution And 21st Century Realities
Eze Chidi Nwauba Director, School Of Part-time Studies, Legacy University, Okija, Nigeria Profnwauba@legacyuniversity.edu.ng

Volume 1, No.10, October 2021

The paper focused on the Nigerian Constitution and 21stCentury Realities. It aimed at taking an overview on the relevance of the Nigerian constitution in the 21st century with many emerging concepts in focus. The paper highlighted some notable...

Influence Of Social Networks On The Sales Of Sensor Newspaper In Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area
John, Ubong Friday, M.Sc (IV) Department Of Mass Communication Prowess University, Delaware, USA Udemsandco@gmail.com

Volume 1, No.10, October 2021

The aim of this work is to examine the influence of social networks on the sales of Sensor Newspapers in Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area with a view to determining the extent to which social networking sites contribute towards the decline...